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Heidi Nottelman - Balanced Equine EnergyMy initial journey with horses began 40 years ago at the horse farm across from my house.  Fourteen years ago, I decided to fulfill my dream of breeding and raising a horse.  Undiscovered Treasure, Ema, has challenged me from day 1 to become a better horse woman.  She is not one of the simple, hop on and go, easy-going horses I grew up with. Since the day she was born, I have expanded my horizons, acquired knowledge, and strived to meet her high expectations.  My eyes have opened to all new possibilities of how we communicate and affect our horses at every interaction.   

As part of my journey with Ema, I discovered equine acupressure at Equine Affaire several years ago and completed my certification with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute in 2012.  As I interact with various horses, I am always amazed at their ‘releases’ (such as sleepy eyes, licking and chewing, and yawning) during the acupressure session.  To me, it is clear that they are responding to the acupressure and enjoying themselves.  Balanced Equine Energy ConnectionAs my practice grows, I hope to share the knowledge I have gained about acupressure with my clients, friends and fellow horse lovers and to connect with as many horses as possible. My personal educational pursuits include acupressure, Tui Na, and equine nutrition and behavior.  My desire is to help horses be energetically balanced, so that they can be emotionally and physically healthy.

My personal interests include Tai Chi in Canterbury, CT with Jet Tucker, James Shaw - Ride from Within, Centered Riding with Debbie Murphy, Horse Agility with Heidi Potter, Horse Speak with Sharon Wilsie, and deepening relationships with Pete Nibbelink.  I enjoying horse agility, showing in open shows, including showmanship, trail, western, hunt seat, and dressage at schooling shows. 

    Balanced Equine Energy in Dressage   Balanced Equine Energy in Western

My favorite past time is being home with 'my gang'...Lily (7 year old buckskin Pinto/Paint), Ema (14 year old bay Pinto/Paint), Jesse (~ 22 year old rescued miniature horse), and in spirit Ema's mother Amber (27 year old buckskin Quarterhorse), and my now 4 cats...2 'found me' after surviving a blizzard one winter.  Sawyer & Betsy prefer inside looking out, and Sherlock and Casper are inseparable since their arrival...and portray perfectly balanced yin-yang!

Amber and Ema - Balanced Equine Energy     Jesse James - Balanced Equine Energy

Sawyer and BetsySherlock & Casper

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