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My name is Heidi Nottelman, and I am a Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute certified Equine Acupressurist.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, a being is healthy because it has balanced energy (chi) flow throughout the body.  An example of an energy imbalance is when energy becomes stagnant at one place, and energy backs up behind the stagnation (similar to a big rock blocking the flow of water in the river).  Ideally, energy flows freely and evenly throughout the entire body to maintain a state of health. 

When a horse’s energy is in balance, his defenses are strong, and he can evade pathogenic factors such as wind, heat, cold, dryness and dampness.  Pathogenic factors can invade the body at any time and cause it to be weaker and thus more vulnerable to disease and injury.  A horse with balanced energy is able to overcome pathogenic factors quickly before they dwell deep in the body and cause chronic conditions.

Energy (Chi) flows through meridians in the body that are accessible on the surface at ‘acupoints’.  Equine acupressure focuses on key acupoints to help rebalance and/or restore the free flow of energy through the body. 

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